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Posted on Jul 24, 2013 by in Headshots | 0 comments

Charming, adorable, curious, playful are all descriptions for a typical six year old boy. Add prodigy, confident, inspired, artist – and now you are describing Shorya Mahanot. As one of the world’s two youngest abstract artists, Shorya amazing talent came to the attention of the art world when he was only four years old with his first solo exhibition in his home country of India at Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Palace.

As a toddler, Shorya watched his older sisters paint and was intrigued. Refusing pens, pencils and the typical box of crayons that a child his age might enjoy, Shorya began painting. Today, he spends hours in his creative process with his parents frequently begging him to take a break.



With every painting, Shorya’s signature style as an abstract expressionist artist evolves. Shorya works in acrylics in a heavy impasto technique that has been compared to Jackson Pollock’s “drip painting” or “action painting”. Like Pollock, Shorya spreads his canvas on the floor and begins composing with masterful strokes in multiple layers and deliberate consideration of color composition and the symmetry between his brushstrokes, dripping and pouring. With the amazing skill of a conductor leading an orchestra, as well as the joyfulness of his youth, a magical world is revealed.

Shorya has been recognized and featured in the media, both in India and England, with full feature stories in The Guardian, Daily News Analysis – Mumbai, Hindustan Times – Mumbai, and Asian Age – Mumbai. Accomplished in India with solo exhibitions, gallery showings, and a list of collectors, Shorya will be exploring international opportunities in 2013, beginning with Artexpo New York, the world’s largest fine art trade show, which will host Shorya and his family in March 2013. From there, who knows where this artistic prodigy’s limitless possibilities will take him or what he will accomplish in the years ahead?