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Meet baby Pollock

Posted on Aug 29, 2013 by in events |


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Asian Age, Tuesday 27 August 2013 – Julie Sam

Only six years old, Shorya Mahanot is a prodigy in the world of art. This little boy from Neemuch, MP, has painted India on the global Expressionism map.

His “action” and “drip” painting techniques are much like that of his favourite artist Jackson Pollock. Shorya Mahanot recently made a splash at his first US art show, Artexpo New York, where his works received praise and were selected to be a part of a special exhibit “Best of Artexpo 2013” at Ward-Nasse Gallery in New York. The six-yearold from Neemuch is taking the art scene by storm with his stunning and mature abstract expressionist works. And to think he started painting when he was all of 3.

Shorya he loves talking about how he began painting, why he enjoys it so much and where he developed his unique, colour-rich style. “I
found some paints from my sisters and I made a painting,” he says innocently.

His father Aditya takes us through Shorya’s short but very successful journey. He says, “We were very impressed with his early works and a friend and professor
at the National Institute of Design confirmed his talent. The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel hosted his first exhibit that received much interest. Legendary cartoonist R.K. Laxman was so impressed with Shorya and his artwork that he invited Shorya to do a joint event and exhibition. That was a wonderful honour and blessing. Shorya’s work is getting noticed and he was invited to exhibit at the Artexpo this year. In October, his work will be exhibited at Spectrum New York and in December at Spectrum Miami. Both are juried contemporary art shows. We are truly honoured.”

Shorya explains his work with child-like simplicity. “I like abstract expressionism. I like to work with colours in many layers and watch the colour and light work together. I think about the size of the canvas and the colours I want to use. The colours are put on in layers or I drip the paint on the canvas. I get ideas as I work.”

It’s not like the people are simply lauding his works.There are takers too. “His paintings are on exhibit at Bougain Villaea Gallery in Udaipur where they have sold three of his paintings. His paintings are also on display at the Ward-Nasse Gallery in New York City. We currently have two inquiries for purchasing one of his originals — one from Miami and one from California,” he says.

Asian Age – Spotlight Shorya Mahanot, August 27, 2013