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“Shorya Mahanot, the youngest signature style abstract artist tells the world about his Abstract Art Journey.”

“Give a child a canvas to paint and he will expand the universe with every brushstroke.”

“What happened when the prince of abstract art me the king of cartoons? A magical, blissful turn of events for sure.”

“Each child is born with some magic, we just need to encourage them…”

“He dreams of painting and he paints his dreams”

“He might be shy but he is never afraid to showcase his talent on the canvas. Watch how Pogo discovered an amazing kid in Shorya.”

“How do you visualize a special day in the life of a child? Getting applauded by veterans and finding a stage where only stalwarts have gone? Watch to find out.”

“Imagine a start blessed by legends. Clearly it is just the start, as rightly stated by Mr Sardesai. Watch to know more.”

“Uncommon talent Child prodigy Shorya Mahanot from Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh receives blessings from the renowned cartoonist RK Laxman.”