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“…one of the world’s youngest abstract artists and painting prodigy. Shorya is returning to the U.S. to participate and exhibit his works at the First Annual SPECTRUM New York.”

“Shorya is God-gifted”

This five-year-old prodigy, Shaurya Mahanot proves to the nation that art is a form of expression which cannot be stopped.”

“Shorya is a 6-year-old boy and one of the world’s youngest abstract artists.” 

“From bold brushstrokes to covering parts of a canvas with chart paper and letting colour drip over, Mahanot uses techniques he was never taught.”

“His family had never seen art like this before — there were shades of Jackson Pollock”

Calm, composed and completely unperturbed by the attention…engrossed in colours and textures in front of him.

Mahanot didn’t let his young age prevent him from expressing himself in the brightest of colors.

The Claridge has swapped its casino for some culture…more than 50 artists who hail from around the world, and right in Atlantic City…from abstract expressionist art from an 8-year-old boy named Shorya Mahanot.

Known as a young Jackson Pollock, he specializes in abstract art and his work has already earned him international acclaim.

…Known for his mind-boggling abstract paintings, the little one is making waves on many art platforms.

…There’s definitely an old soul in a child’s body.

This 10-year-old boy can say a story without using a single word.

Being compared to the likes of Picasso and Pollock at the tender age of four, Shorya Mahanot from Madhya Pradesh is the youngest abstract artist in Asia.

The Little Muse Who Splashed Sunlight While Passing By.

When he showcased some of his Art along-side some well know artists like Yaacov Agam and Burt Young. The Artist community was overwhelmed by this young talent.

Child Prodigy Of India To Shock You With his Talent.

…Of course, five is incredibly young, but if what Shorya is doing is good, it should be shown to the people.

Confident, Inspired Artist…

Shorya Mahanot is one perfect living example of what Picasso remarked about children. A ‘wunderkind…

The flair with which he paints can outdo any renowned painter or artist.

…some of the child art prodigies from across the world who learnt to art before the talk.

Shorya Mahanot a 7- year-old creates abstract expressionist paintings that group the expressive forces of nature with color and life.

Charming, adorable, Curious…add prodigy, confident, inspired, artist…

Art Has No Age.

Like Pollock, he creates nonfigurative expressionist paintings that steer the expressive forces of chronicle with colouration and motion.

The Spirit of the Indian Child.

Different language.

…those who watched him paint were left speechless

Child prodigy Shorya Mahanot from Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh receives blessings from the legendary cartoonist RK Laxman.

Like Pollok, he creates abstract expressionist paintings that channel the expressive forces of life with color and motion. Unlike Pollock, however, Mahanot is six years old.

His view is compared in similarity with Sir John Pollock which places him on this world arena of higher appreciation.

Meet India’s five-year-old ‘Picasso’.

“Madhya Pradesh’s Shorya Mahanot, 11, known as the “World’s Youngest Signature Style Abstract Artist” and “India’s Child Picasso” is merely 11 years old…

…he gravitated towards abstract works, very much like Jackson Pollock, who incidentally happens to be this young prodigy’s role model.

The painting of this 10 year are sold at the price of 45,000 dollars and has been placed alongside the legendary artists like Anthony Quinn, Burt Young, John Lennon etc.

By the age 4, he had made 100 acrylic paintings…

….an astounding painter, who is usually compared to the legendary artist, Jackson Pollock, because of the similarity in their style of works.

When asked about Pollock in an interview, Shorya replied, “He also makes paintings like me.

…His beautiful abstract work has been compared to Jackson Pollock’s and has earned him international acclaim.

…When asked about Pollock in an interview, Shorya replied, “He also makes paintings like me.

R.K. Laxman…blessed Shorya and gifted him with an autographed painting…

Doodle with a difference.


Contemporary abstract artists watch out! Shorya Mahanot is creating works that are easily mistakable for a Jackson Pollock….. and he is only 6!

Xuất hiện “tiểu Picasso” của Ấn Độ

“… he’s nine-years-old, and is going to teach Ranveer Singh and Sourav Ganguly how to paint.”

California Antique shops stores

“…even amazed the great Indian cartoonist RK Laxman who accepted Mahanot as his disciple.”